September 2015

Image: Rebecca Salvadori, Olivia #2

///// Introducing great Rebecca Salvadori, the London based artists work is now focusing on the nature of digital images and their impact on reception.
In collaboration with Yotaro Niwa for One Wall One Piece II.
Placed today (01.09.) in Kreuberg. Mixed media work. Keep your eyes and ears open from 6 pm around Kotti.


July 2015

Laboratory is open! @Plateau Gallery in Greenhouse Berlin!


///// Introducing Natasha Marin, our ghost participant from Seattle at PALA FRUITS_ Hierarchy of Perception. She will be present for virtual sessions everyday from 2-3 pm at PALA FRUITS Hierarchy of Perception.


///// Introducing the Londoners You Kim & Maxmilian Fedyk in collaboration at PALA FRUITS_ Hierarchy of Perception.


///// Introducing our Greeks Giorgos Gerontides & Dimitris Ameladiotis, a meant to be collaborative team, on board on PALA FRUITS_ Hierarchy of Perception.



///// Introducing the american artist Daniela Calandra and the Berlin based artist Angela Kaisers, as another collaborative duo at PALA FRUITS_ Hierarchy of Perception.



///// Introducing Yotaro Niwa and Fellipe Vergani who will work in new collaboration at PALA FRUITS_ Hierarchy of Perception. They will create a site-specific sculpture, that pictures an interactive sound installation reminiscent of a confessionary, a desire rock, disclosing at the same time a massive wall to wall sculpture, composed of separate puzzle like elements.



June 2015

///// Introducing Yan Gi Cheng and Trami Nguyen who will work in collaboration at PALA FRUITS - Hierarchy of Perception.

In the laboratory they will work on a performance and installation art work, a new contemplation on the notion of a collective narcissism fervent in contemporary society. Anamorphic photographs will play with the sense of human perception and the experimental immersive sound installation will operate through live performance.



June 2015

///// Introducing the first artist duo of the laboratory for media installations PALA FRUITS: Akeelah Bertram in collaboration with Stanley Giacomo Quaia. The London based artists will install a co-dependant work. “Kalinda” is an audio-visual installation reminiscent of a lightning storm. “Transferal” is an experimental installation, which is a live analogue video relay that progressively feeds off the components linked before.



May 2015

///// Introducing our already known collaborator from MOLT! in 2013 wonderful Aya Imamura. We are happy to work together again.
The Japanese artist works with visual art. Her research focuses on iconography, symbolic metaphors and combines them with a visual culture aesthetic praxis.
Come over for " Attention Induced Euphoria" !

more of Ayas work at http://aya-imamura.com/
Photograph: previous project of Aya Imamura

///// Introducing great Jessica Ekomane one of our collaborating artists of the first edition of FILTER - sound art series. The french artist's practice unfolds around sound installations, site-specific sound interventions and music.


Photograph: previous project of Jessica Ekomane in collaboration
400 balloons, 8-channel audio, max/msp
Black balloons agglutinate together to form a large cluster of dark (plastic-)matter. Some of them hide tiny speakers in their core, consequently acting as thin resonating membrane. Field recordings from mplfng hst’s hosting environnement are deconstructed through real-time digital manipulations and played back inside those balloons. The resulting sounds move randomly through this abnormal landscape.


March 2015

///// A NEW headquarter in Neukölln and our NEW team members Gabi and Lili are promising a more than thrilling 2015! Lot of fresh projects are planned.

January 2015 / Porto

Production days started!
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Studio visit at SKREI

"The Gentrifier" in collaboration with DE LICEIRAS 18 started yesterday with first urban investigations. We are happy in Porto with sun in our faces.

17 November 2014

Studio visit in Thessaloniki. The atelier of the installation artists Giorgos Gerontides and Dimitris Ameladiotis. Next year in Berlin for a new collaboration!

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N E W ZONA DYNAMIC C H A N N E L created to showcase moving image documentation of past operations.




>> facebook event <<

We are happy to invite you to the finissage of VOYEURS - a series of public interventions that took place inside a closed 2 x 2 x 2m white cube throughout the Month of Performance Art-Berlin 2014.


Emerging from a 48hour collective creative binge, the finissage takes the form of a reflection on all eight actions that occurred inside the cube during the month of May on the streets of Berlin.

Under the title TO BE REMOVED FROM PUBLIC GAZE - ACCIDENTAL AUDIENCES, UNFORSEEN PERFORMANCES, this happening is thought as a reaction to the artists’ and curators’ month-long experience with and within the cube.

Half installation, half participatory performance, TO BE REMOVED FROM PUBLIC GAZE - ACCIDENTAL AUDIENCES, UNFORSEEN PERFORMANCES will specifically look into the tensions created by the act of performing inside an all enclosing space, one that excludes the public from direct contact with the artist; how it is possible to interact with an unseen audience, how this audience reacts when confronted to the limits of its ability to see and how the work can still be perceived; as well as questioning the traditional "white cube" by recreating and relocating it directly in the public space.

Expect performances, installations, words, documentation, video, sound and groans as a collective get-together.


7:00 pm at the Month of Performance Art HUB ( Ding Dong Dom / Holzmarkt 25)


Artists: Natacha Mankowski, Ian Deleón, Anna Júlia Amaral
Curators: Vincent Chomaz, Edgar Khandzatyan, Elisa Schönherr, Jorgina Stamogianni

Sound performances by Constantin Engelmann & Elisa Storelli and Willis Anne

All presented video documentation by Willan Octave-Emile and Christian Poeck


/// 22/05/14 Month of Performance ART 2014

The last performance of our public interventions series VOYEURS in the frame of Month of Performance Art - Berlin will happen tonight between 9 and 10pm at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Claudia Kühns interactive performance FINGER.

FINGER is an act of communication – or an attempt at communication – that nobody can completely understand, or completely decipher. It is an attempt to fill a cube, line by line, with words drawn by the tip of a finger. The work is fleeting, delicate, only perceptible through patience and focus. It can be touched, it can be heard, it can be felt, or it can be smell. It only materializes when the artist and the viewer meet in an ephemeral situation; in the instant of contact.

/// 22/05/14 Month of Performance ART 2014

VOYEURS 7- TIRED OF BEING A WOMAN by Anna JÚlia Amaral today at Kottbusser Tor between 12 and 4pm!

For TIRED OF BEING A WOMAN, Anna Júlia Amaral stretches different actions over 4 hours, investigating Berlin’s public spaces from a gender-perspective, connecting feminine actions with voyeurism, exploring her body as a dictionary of being a woman and how a point of view, a judgment, can transform somebody in somebody else entirely. Something simple, visually powerful and meaningful.

/// 17/05/14 Month of Performance ART 2014

Today under this magic tree on the right in front of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin it will happen. I N D I G O > a performance by Anna Katharina Aichroth. 9 40 - 10 00 pm

INDIGO is all about communication. It tells a story about feeling blue and being melancholic; what it does to us; and how it impacts our ability to connect with others. “Both pain and wisdom makes us move and the shadow reveals the light...”

/// 16/05/14 Month of Performance ART 2014

TRILLENIUM - Performative sound intervention by Constantin Engelmann (DE) and Elisa Storelli (CH) today in front of MOTTO Berlin Skalitzer Strasse 68 between 6 and 8 pm!

TRILLENIUM is a musical improvisation played by Constantin Engelmann and Elisa Storelli dealing with chaotic systems and their behavior in time and space. Played inside the cube, the normalized concert situa-tion will then mutate into something else, enabling in the process a different kind of possibilities for the public to be confronted to the medium, sound or music.

photo credit: Motto Berlin

/// 15/05/14 Month of Performance ART 2014


Performance today between 12 and 1pm at Stavangerstraße 20, near the Northern end of the U2 line.

Ian Deleón’s practice largely concentrates on engaging the colonial history of Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on the use of agriculture and economics in the past and the present to observe, justify, and criticizes the present-day oppressive conditions in the region. ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR will incorporate Caribbean agricultural exports as possibilities for performative moments.

" Despite growing up less than 400km from my ancestral home of Cuba, this will mark my first physical contact with a territory designated as legally "Cuban", and I'll be asking the gathered audience and passersby for their help in navigating the complexity of emotions that this action might stir up. "

/// 10/05/14 Month of Performance ART 2014

Todays VOYEURS Performance will take place at Leopoldplatz! 12 - 5 pm

I AM AN OASIS by Natacha Mankowski

Out of a forgotten public space, an ephemeral oasis rises again. Natacha Mankowski’s intervention takes on the aspect of a subtle urban rejuvenation project; transforming the disused fountain at the center of the Leopoldplatz into what it once was: an urban oasis for the residents and visitors, a social meeting point. I AM AN OASIS calls out to the pedestrians, taking them from the undefined crowd, to be part of a public realm.

Check out MPA-B Program here!

/// 02/05/14 Month of Performance ART 2014

Look out for the white cube and see Sara Wellenkamp's performative multimedia intervention "ACHILES HEEL"! We are at Alexanderplatz in the passage next to Galleria today until 5.15pm!

ACHILES HEEL explores the tensions contained in one simple gesture –that we all have to perform daily at one point or another; and how it influences our relationship to another; and how this simple gestures, actions or body movements, can represent a dialectic inversion between power and vulnerability. Revealing then perhaps the true self of contemporary society.

Check out MPA-B Program here!

/// 01/05/14 Month of Performance ART 2014

Sara Zaltash will open our series VOYEURS today with her performance "MY NAME IS SARA ZALTASH AND I AM LOOKING FOR SEBASTIAN BECHINGER-ENGLISH" between 2pm and 5pm at Mariannenplatz!

Sebastian Bechinger-English is an artist, a real person, someone Sara Zaltash has known. He is looking for her as well; he is looking for Sara Zaltash, an artist, a real person, someone he has known. They look for each other, ask people, search, gather information. Should they find each other they shall meet, and then part, and begin their search; but they might also never find each other.

Check out MPA-B Program here!

/// 30/04/14

The Cube is constructed!
Many thanks to PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin for providing us their warehouse to work and run rehearsals.
Tomorrow and furthermore for all "VOYEUR" series: we are going to announce the location of performances an hour before the start - here and also on our facebook page!


Introducing our last selected artist Natacha Mankowski (France) with her poetic intervention "I Am An Oasis" for "Voyeurs" series of performative interventions within the frames of Month of Performance Art - Berlin

Image: Courtesy of Natacha Mankowski


Introducing selected artists for "Voyeurs" series of performative interventions within the frames of Month of Performance Art - Berlin 2014.

Today: Sara Zaltash (UK, Iran) http://sarazaltash.com/

Photograph: by Venus Raven, Tuul ( Trilogy of durational performance work)


We happily welcome Jorgina Stamogianni, independent curator from Greece, in Berlin and as part of ZONA DYNAMIC for the next 3 month! We are looking forward to our creative exchange and production!


Introducing selected artists for "Voyeurs" series of performative interventions within the frames of Month of Performance Art - Berlin 2014.

Today: Claudia Kühn (Germany)

Photograph: by Claudia Kühn


Introducing selected artists for "Voyeurs" series of performative interventions within the frame of Month of Performance Art - Berlin 2014.

Today: Sara Wellenkamp (Portugal)

Photograph: "ACHILLES’ HEEL" by Sara Wellenkamp


Introducing selected artists for "Voyeurs" series of performative interventions within the frame of Month of Performance Art - Berlin in May 2014

Today: Yujun Ye (Taiwan)

Photograph: "A room alone" by Yujun Ye


We arrived in Thessaloniki:
preparations started.


Introducing selected artists for "Voyeur" performative intervention within the frame of Month of Performance Art - Berlin in May 2014!

Today: Ian Deleón ( Cuba/ Brasil/ USA) -
Boston based installation and performance artist: " (...) By means of video, the internet, performance, text, ready-made sculpture, recycled materials, education and activism, I strive to take these messages and subvert them, re-contextualize them, creating symbols that encourage new narratives and individual reflection on the systems of power that extend oppression and domination into the twenty-first century."

Photo credits: Still from his performance "Divine Horsemen: Canaan to Cane" @ Recession Art, NY.


Introducing selected artists for "Voyeur" performative intervention within the frame of Month of Performance Art - Berlin in May 2014

Constantin Engelmann (Germany)
Elisa Storelli (Switzerland)

Photo credits: Still from performance Trillenium. Courtesy of Philipp Klein.


Many thanks to all 50 submissions for "Voyeur" open call !
We have now selected 9 performative interventions to be realized within the frames of Month of Performance Art Berlin 2014 in May.
In upcoming days we´ll introduce here all 9 selected artists.

Anna Katharina Aichroth (Germany)
Hila Gross (Israel)

Photo credits: INDIGO by A.K. Aichroth, H. Gross

/// 21.07.2015

/// The second edition of our new sound art series FILTER is happening TOMORROW. "Manufactured Time" a collaboration between Willan Octave-Emile, Alan Gleeson and Ivo Gretener investigates the multi-dimensional relationship between time and sound.
See you at Berlin con mucho arte in Kreuzberg!

22 July at 19:00
Berlin con mucho arte in Berlin, Germany




We created PALA - the island, as laboratory for artists to develop concepts and create installations in collaboration and exchange. A celebration of process - a week full of wonders, weathers and wild creation. We are happy to share the fruits with you tonight at Plateau Gallery in the 7th floor of Greenhouse Berlin with an amazing view all over Berlin! Expect eccentric installations and extreme perceptions with performances, music and a bar with food and drinks! See u later

/// 27.06.2015

The next experiment on collaboration will happen at Plateau Gallery in Greenhouse Berlin from the 4th of July until the 10th of July in the form of an open laboratory for media installations. 10 installations created by 9 duos within the collective of 19 artists.

We are super looking forward to PALA FRUITS_ Hierarchy of perception. Come over for the work in progress, the process as exhibition with an artist talk program:

LABORATORY, 6th of July - 9th of July
Open doors, daily 12 pm - 8 pm
Artist talks, daily from 6 pm


or for the final HAPPENING, 10th of July from 7 pm


Plateau Gallery, Greenhouse Berlin, Neukölln

/// 21.05.2015

The first FILTER sound art event - "Attention Induced Euphoria"
3 hours participative installation from 7 pm - 10 pm!
at Argh Kunstraum in Neukölln. Happy to see u there!

///// FILTER I

Next week we launch our new sound art series F I L T E R with a first edition! Each project is a collaboration between 2 - 3 artists presented as a sound installation or performance in a one-night happening every two month! Expect more than brain waves next week!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/407359739443694/


PALA FRUITS - Machinery of Truth will happen from the 4th of July until the 10th of July at Plateau Gallery in Greenhouse Berlin. This project has the form
of a 7 day laboratory for collaborating artists to analyse and create experimental inter-media installations dealing with the hierarchy of perception. For more information please open and read the PDF document. If you are interested just get back to us with your proposal until the 25th of May. We are excited!


///// Voilà! The outcome of our two weeks "The Gentrifier" project in Porto- a collaboration between 8 artists will be presented on thursday at the DE LICEIRAS 18 temporary artist community. Installations, music & performances! /////



THE GENTRIFIER - We will start 2015 with an exciting project in Portugal in the De Liceiras 18 Temporary Artist Community. For this we are still looking for Porto based artists to join us! Time frame:01/01/2015 - 15/01/2015

DE LICEIRAS 18 is an experimental, independent project located in a residential house in Porto, Portugal recently transformed into an art space.

>>> more infos DOWNLOAD > PORTO.PDF




* organization and management of projects
* PR / taking care of our beloved mailbox (sorting out and replying to emails)
* organizing maintaing the archive
* planning internal and external meetings
* applying for fundings (as well as other strategies like crowdfunding etc.)
* supporting the institutionalisation of ZONA DYNAMIC


If you are interested to work with us, please write us an e-mail introducing yourself until the 15th of december on cu@zonadynamic.com and we can meet up to talk about further details. Thanks!

Month of Performance Art 2014

The program of Month of Performance Art 2014 with VOYEURS a series of performative interventions in the public space in conceptual collaboration with Vincent Chomaz is online now! We are very looking forward to this MAY!*




We are happy to invite you to Dynamo Project Space on Wednesday evening (today!!), when we would like to share the outcome of our creative sound adventures in Thessaloniki, which has taken place in various public spaces during our week long stay. The event will include life sound performances, so please don't be late!

>> facebook event <<

Typou 5, Thessaloniki

At RE-VIEW / RE-HEAR we will present abstracts of our experimentations with sound installations in the public space. The project is initiated by ZONA DYNAMIC in collaboration with a group of Greece based sound artists and architects in Thessaloniki.

Dimitra Billia
Kyriakos Olympios
Sophia Kementzetzidou
Elisa Schönherr, Zona Dynamic
Edgar Khandzratyan, Zona Dynamic
Julia Freyhoff, Zona Dynamic
Willis Anne, LAN


ZONA DYNAMIC in collaboration with DYNAMO project space

We are looking foward our collaboration with
DYNAMO project space in Thessaloniki in march!

Still looking for Greece based creatives to join!
Check the description > DOWNLOAD ENGLISH

Picture: Dynamo, Razan Sadeq & Mohammad Al-Mohammad
"Tears, Sweat, and Style", 2013


ZONA DYNAMIC in collaboration with VINCENT CHOMAZ

-- O P E N C A L L --

ZONA DYNAMIC and VINCENT CHOMAZ, call for performative interventions to be realized within the frame of the Month of Performance Art – Berlin 2014.

-- Deadline: January 15, 2014 --






The HAPPENING is over.

But so much inspiration left. We are so happy with the output, which was a result of our fusion. You are all part of the ZONA DYNAMIC community now and hopefully future visions will bring us together again... Thanks for all your input and love.

photo credits: Andy King

The exhibition BUILD UP has started.

W A R M U P and C O O L D O W N!

C O L L A B O R A T I O N S started.

Today's C O M E T O G E T H E R at Atelierhof Kreuzberg! A pleasure for us to have you all around. We are looking forward to the next days with speculative outcomes. <<<

ZD > MICHAEL BRANTHWAITE at //MOLT!// exhibition !

"My practice is a response to a world filled with objects and commodities vying for attention and seeking to create meaning with in the lives of consumer driven cultures. My interests lie in what the scholar Sut Jhally terms ‘fetishism and the political economy of meaning’ meaning that we not only create articles to be consumed but also create the reason for consummation by enforcing a code of logic with in society that gives mass-produced articles ‘mythical’ value that is not attached to their actual function but to the values that we have defined ourselves, informed through advertising. Essentially my interest is in exposing these variations and at the same time replacing them with other sometimes overt and sometimes covert symbols that can be referenced as religious or symbolic. Similar to a lot of counter-culture views I do not have an alternative answer to a society driven by an incessant need to consume but instead through the process of making work aim to reveal some of the fallacy’s at play in our lives. " Michael Branthwaite, - at MOLT! Speculative Identities...

pic: Object, Michael Branthwaite

ZD > ALEX SUX at //MOLT!// exhibition !

Artist Duo ALEX SUX brought their artwork with the van directly from Norway. A performance in the bag as well. We are excited! <<<

pic: darth vader / the steel gun / jasmin hurst & anja høvik strømsted / poetry performance / house of literature (oslo) mar 2013


Leyla Rodriguez and Cristian Straub are participating in "MOLT! Speculative Identities" with an experimental film.

Picture: From "I don't see myself like this" series by Leyla Rodriguez.

ZD > MARTA IVANOVA at //MOLT!// exhibition !

In Marta Ivanovas work „O“ the main point is the Moon. It is interpreted as a satellite’s projection to the male pole of personal relation between two people.
The work consists of several components – object/plane surface/medium.
The first one is 27 cm in diameter photo-sticker which shows a scanned round sponge which has absorbed water with remainders of the flowers.
The second component consists of 27 cm in diameter 4 photo-stickers where the ramainders of the flowers in vases are shown.
The third one is the plane surface in A3 format which was poured with water with the remainders of the flowers instead of paint.
An object becomes a fourth component – it is a glass cylindrical vase where a sponge called an oasis in floristic is put. On the top of the edge water is poured which will be absorbed by the oasis during the exposition time.
Every different object is linked by motives of vitality and process.
We will show one of her other projects, that is also dealing with gender questions and identity.

Picture: „O“, Installation view

ZD > ANDRÉ SICURO at //MOLT!// exhibition !

Let's think of this word in Brazilian Portuguese: marginal. If you look at the dictionary, the translation, in english, would be something close to delinquent. But that is not what it is about. Marginal is a word that carries many layers of meanings: underground, in the edge, those who live on the streets, junkies, or, a very specific artistic practice during the 70's in Brazil, specially related with cinema. "Cinema Marginal" has Rogerio Sganzerla as its big guru.It was made with low budget, very radical anti traditional aesthetics and very acid critics against Brazilian bourgeois society and its values. This was during the 60's and 70's, in the middle of a dictatorship and a country absolutely repressed by the military system but, as any other avant-garde form of art this sort of production was extremely powerful as a rupture and became an important document of an era, viewed trough the eyes of experimentalism. That is where Andre Sicuro takes his inspiration, and more then this, that is how he makes his absurds amazing films. No budget, no desire to succeed, no pact with any system. Just his amazing control with the camera, the collaboration of his friends who are also muses and an upside down view of the stablished world. Not a delinquent in any sense, but truly underground and fully irreverent.

Maria Montero ( Curator) about André Sicuro, brasilian filmmaker. We will show one of his works at MOLT!.


ZD > SARAH DOERFEL at //MOLT!// exhibition !

Sarah Doerfel is an artist based in London, UK and Munich, Germany. She works mainly in the mediums of Photography, Video and Installation, but also experiments with texts and Performance. We expect a great performance next week! > at MOLT!

Picture: Self-Perception (2011)
feathers, soil, pot, bicycle light

ZD > AMREI ANDRASCH and IVANA RUBELJ at //MOLT!// exhibition !

Designer and Artist Amrei Andrasch will present in cooperation with Ivana Rubelj an interactive object at our next happening! Come over!
Picture: Wolke 7 - installation at the art project "Hotel Stundenglück" at the "Somewhere Somehow Arts & Music-Festival" in Berlin 2012

ZD > LUIS ALHAMA at //MOLT!// exhibition !

Luis Alhama impressed us with his thought-provoking installations and hereby we are glad to announce that he is one of the participating artists in "MOLT! Speculative Identities" art happening.
Picture: El escondite / The hidden place by Luis Alhama.

ZD > DANIEL LUCHMAN at //MOLT!// exhibition !

"Through my work I actively merge rational and intuitive forms of thinking with a fluid practice that builds upon itself in continual layers. Many projects exist as open-ended situations with a void of undefined potential content".
We are excited about Daniel Luchman's video for MOLT! Speculative Identities.
Picture: From "Replica of the Universe Methodology" by Daniel Luchman

ZD > MARY RASMUSSEN at //MOLT!// exhibition !

"Once Utopia is Captured, it Ceases to Exist"
Mary Rasmussen is preparing provoking self-portrait series for MOLT! Speculative Identities. We look forward to it, Mary!

Picture: Asterism Derivative

ZD > TAMI AND RAFAËL at //MOLT!// exhibition !

"Yellow Room" a performance by Tami Harmony Panik Vibberstoft and Rafaël Elders. Expect two engaging performances of them shown at the vernissage evening of MOLT! Specualtive Identities at the 26th of july!


ZD > MARA PLOSCARU at //MOLT!// exhibition !

"My main interest lies in unveiling intimate stories and infusing them with strange poetic narratives. The process of carefully documenting reality and slightly staged versions in order to surprise, to intrigue and to create fascination it's essential. It needs to go beyond the cliché and aesthetics. A strong image needs to make you think, wonder and raise questions." – Mara Ploscaru

Pic: Series "an eagle in your mind", Project ongoing

ZD > LATEFA WIERSCH at //MOLT!// exhibition !

Latefa Wierschs work is full of weirdness and beauty. We are proud to screen one of here video projects in our next exhibition.

pic: Klangkörper 4, 2011, Mixed Media, Mp3player, Lautsprecher, 70 x 100 x 65 cm


ZD > JACOBUS CAPONE at //MOLT!// exhibition !

In advance of our this years happening, we will introduce you to some of our participating artists, who will reflect speculatively modern humans identity.

JACOBUS CAPONE impressed and inspired us with the magic of his projects, sensitively investigating humans contingence to nature and its nature.- as in "The wound and its shadow" - On the 3rd of July a body of water from the Fiume Agogna (pictured river) was extracted and frozen into a solid cube. From sunrise the 15th July the frozen water was held by hand until it had slowly melted back into its source.


Working on 3 projects, Performance in Marrakesh, filming for a Videoinstallation in the Sahara Erg Chebbi in Merzouga and Videoart of travelling... Will be shown, presented and released during the MOLT! happening at Atelierhof Kreuzberg in july!

MOLT! Exhibition July 2013 at Atelierhof Kreuzberg


M O L T ! T o p i c


ZD ♥ Guille Bonesso (London), Esclé (Munich, Leipzig), FalscherBart (Berlin) and Bondexx (Dresden) at ANIMISMO #01 in Berlin 19 10 2012 // 20 10 2012!

Screening of E n T r o P I- An experimantal narration of algorithms (digital Video, Computer–Animation) at ANIMISMO #01! by Jan Goldfuss ♥

ZD ♥ Platon Superblack! Epic installation at ANIMISMO #01 in Berlin 19 10 2012!

ZD ♥ Alejandro NUBO! Video premiere of "Let it begin" at //ANIMISMO// exhibition !

ZD ♥ Komm Collective at //ANIMISMO// exhibition !

ZZZ Start working in the space ZZZ

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///// One Wall One Piece II - " What do you think?"

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Rebecca Salvadori & Yotaro Niwa

" I would like to film-document his creative process and make a video that contains both moving images as well as stills of the work. Then Yotaro will use my video as a guideline to continue his installation in a sort of back and forward dialogue between video and physical extension. The video will act like a sort of visual map of both Yotaros work as well as our meeting and also represents this indoor environment that is the studio space.
Yotaro s work deals with constructing the model- idea of a physical space and then connected it with objet trouve, also in a outdoor environment. So my video and Yotaros installation will be installed together like if they were one piece, one made of light and one made of objects." Rebecca Salvadori


Action: Admiralstrasse 37, 01.09.2015, 6 - 9 pm


FILTER - Sound Art Series

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FILTER II - Manufactured Time

FILTER is a new sound art series by ZONA DYNAMIC, each edition is a temporary collaboration between 3 artists channeled into a one night happening.

Manufactured Time, a project initiated by Willan Octave-Emile with Alan Gleeson and Ivo Gretener, explores the open-end and multi-dimensional relationship between sound and time.

FILTER II presents a composite installation using real and altered speed playbacks. The artists assembled a compound of several video and sound fragments, built within a partially interactive installation.

Hosted by Kleiner Salon in the heart of Kreuzberg.


6th of July - 10th of July 2015

The Happening

Final Happening of the PALA FRUITS_Laboratory


The Laboratory

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PALA FRUITS - Hierarchy of Perception was a 7 day laboratory for artists to collaborate, analyse and create site-specific installations investigating the hierarchy of our perception. A platform for experimental inter-media artworks presenting a new order of sensation and dialogue with the viewer. An open symposium for exchange, development and artistic action - the process becomes exhibition.

“Pala” is the name of the isle in Aldous Huxley’s utopia "Island“. It is the “illustration (of) what could be done in a community if it were built on the premise of ‘goodness politics’ instead of power politics”.

Pala Fruits _ The Laboratory aims to mirror through the process of collaboration these inner dynamics while insisting upon the rights of the individual for self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-satisfaction.


Yan Gi Cheng & Trami Nguyen
Giorgos Gerontides & Dimitris Ameladiotis
Fellipe Vergani & Yotaro Niwa
Eliza Goldox & Vincent Chomaz
Akeelah Bertram & Stanley Giacomo Quaia
You Kim & Maxmilian Fedyk
Cristina Maldonado & Wolfgang Kick
Daniela Calandra & Angela Kaisers
Wissam Khaled & Holger Heissmeyer



/// New series with a monthly edition called "One Wall One Piece" experimenting with the public space and the accidental audience. As the title says, one wall is used of any kind in Berlin with one installed art piece.
We kick it off with the Greek artists Giorgos Gerontides and Dimitris Ameladiotis. Their work is based on the synthesis of found objects and their transformation.

OWOP # I - "The fence is at the end of the garden, while the passerby asks to know what that is." / Mixed media

FILTER - Sound Art Series

/ (1 of 1)


The first part of this new event serie is the outcome of a two weeks collaboration initiated by Eliza Goldox with Jessica Ekomane and Aya Imamura.
The concept focus on the contradictions and effects of this digital peculiarity. The 3 hours participative
installation engaging with ASMR, is especially conceived for the ARGH! Kunstraum in Neukölln. It consists
of two rooms, the first one representing a relaxation space with recorded sounds. Just lay down and enjoy
the feeling! The second room provides a jam session spot with the possibility to create your own sounds
collectively. The projected video uncovers the origin of the sound from the first room, revealing an uncanny
tension between a fantasized and caring “other” and the arsh reality we’re trying to forget.


January 2015

>>> Collaborative project between 8 artists around the topic of gentrification channeled into multimedia installations and interventions.

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"We could therefore define the urban as a place where conflicts are expressed, reversing the separation of places where expression disappears, where silence reigns, where the signs of separation are established. The urban could also be defined as the place of desire, where desire emerges from need, where it is concentrated because it is recognized, where Eros and Logos can (possibly) be found side by side." Jacques Rancière

Urban places of the western world develop into magnets, since they are projections of desires of all kind of people. The value of space is changing, displacement and
gentrification are the results. The combination of need, space, human, money and desires create ambivalences. Walls and ceilings, a home - as capitalist good.
In DE LICEIRAS 18 we lived in a temporary community, which is in the same time exhibition space.
We investigated the process of gentrification through collaborative artistic processes, of urban exploirations, conception, discussion, reflection and production. All channeled into multimedia installations.

A r t i s t s
Ran Bassi, Rafaël Elders, Cristiana Felgueiras, Eliza Goldox, Edgar Khandzratyan, Willan Octave-Emile, Maja Renn, Catherine Xu



May 2014

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In this installment, VOYEURS explored the accidental interactions that can arise from the random encounters between the work and its possible audience; thus focusing on the public as the – or a – performer and the idea of the audience as a canvas for action and reaction.


> Mariannenplatz, May 1st

VOYEURS 2 - Sara Wellenkamp, ACHILES HEEL
> Alexanderplatz, May 2nd

VOYEURS 3 - Natacha Mankowski, I AM AN OASIS
> Leopoldplatz, May 10th

> Cuban Embassy, May 15th

VOYEURS 5 - Constantin Engelmann & Elisa Storelli, TRILLENIUM
> Motto Berlin (Skalitzer Straße 68), May 16th

VOYEURS 6 - Anna Katharina Aichroth, INDIGO
> Schönhauser Allee 9, May 17th

> Kottbusser Tor, May 22nd

VOYEURS 8 - Claudia Kühn, FINGER
> Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, May 23rd


* Sound Installation as Public Intervention * in Thessaloniki

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March 2014

We were focusing on public interventions with the usage of different kind of sound media. Different creative operation realized at different locations in the city.
A journey through Thessaloniki’s urban landscapes with experiments and actions!

> About Dynamo project-space

DYNAMO is a non-profit organization that aims at studying, developing, promoting and disseminating contemporary creation by supporting young creators from the fields of fine and applied arts, architecture and design from Greece and abroad.
-A generator of innovative ideas.
-Α platform of synergies among the different arts.
-A collectivity of inspired, efficient and hard-working creators.

We had an intense week experimenting with ideas of sound interventions in public space.
A great collective with our participants Kyriakos, Dimitra and Sophia, our spontaneous collaborators Dimitris and Giorgos from the "Vitrine Project", and Willis Anne (LAN) with his sound and mind support.
Thanks to Dynamo project-space for hosting us, and to COO Cafe|Bar bar for equipment support and for hosting our improvised after party. And many many thanks to all visitors on Wednesday night at our happening.



Check out our collaboration in Thessaloniki with "the vitrine"! Thanks for this creative adventure Giorgos and Dimitris!


MOLT! Speculative Identities

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ART HAPPENING at Atelierhof Kreuzberg
26-07-2013 till 30-07-2013

MOLT! investigates the layers of the modern human identity in the digital age and the blurring of their's physical and psychological borders and distances. Thereby it exposes through speculative perspectives the utopias of representation of our inner and outer being.

ZD nitiated a vibrant happening with artworks by 40 international artists, reflecting the subject from different perspectives in different media. Transformation, gender questions, cultural identity, virtual presentations and digital ambivalences are just some of the project's approaches.

The happening includes an exhibition, several performances, sound and mix-media installations, screenings, talks and unexpected situations.


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Thoughts Extract for MOLT! Speculative Identities

Human stand on a new step of the ladder of its cultivation, finally achieved the next level of progress. Hyper globalism. The new context brought the identity crises. The desire for nature is growing and every day a step away from it too. The trust in technology and the digital world is enormous, more than in intuition and spirituality. The identity and self-consciousness depends on capital, social stand, the bodies surface and the virtual
I never knew so much, I never been so beautiful, I never knew so many people and I never been so far away from myself.
The pressure of communication, in every channel (public, private and virtual), the availability of myself seems urgent and without a compromise.
The knowledge of all the ends of the world makes you built many opinions, you have to have many opinions and you have to know everything. Even one life won’t ever makes me understand this one world.
My identity depends on my attitude, on my style and my placement, than I place you. Check.
I m european, freedom of moving. Whenever I feel. Unequality on the surface of this globe, that is owned by human. There is a new consciousness about our own evil nature. Creature. Mdma makes it better, or some purchasing.
I m wrapped in layers given by society, burned by rules, that are not mine. Change means transform, means emerge. There is no better. Just the contingence, with the meaning of yourself and the speculation about others.

/// PROGRAM ///

Friday, 26-07-2013 6 pm * VERNISSAGE

- Performances, Sounds, Drinks ...

00:00 * After Party (TBA)

Saturday, 27-07-2013 7 pm

“ Cultural Identity in Video Art”
- Screenings, Talks

Sunday, 28-07-2013 12-18 * OPEN

Monday, 29-07-2013 12-21 7 pm

"Transformation as a process of release
and escape from structures of industrial societies.”

- Screenings, Talks

Tuesday, 30-07-2013 12-24 8 pm * FINISSAGE

“ Nowadays meaning of feminist art
in western and non-western contexts.”

- Screenings, Talks

/// ARTISTS ///

* Grace Kim (US)
* Daniel Luchman (US)
* Maximilian Schmötzer (D)
* André Sicuro (BR)
* J. Casey Doyle (US)
* Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub (AR/ RO)
* Heather HeaJung Joo (US)
* Latefa Wiersch (D)
* Karen Sztajnberg (BR)
* Stefan Hurtig (D)
* Sinyo Grũen (D)
* Lola Fernández de Sevilla Gómez (ES)
* Sarah Doerfel (D)
* Wooguru (D/KR)
* Tami Harmony Panik Vibberstoft (DK) &
Rafaël Elders (NL)
* Amrei Andrasch(D), Ivana Rubelj (HR) &
Yui Mikami (JP)
* Alex Sux (NO)
* Maja Vrban (HR)
* Aya Imamura (JP)
* Michael Branthwaite (UK)
* Sara Benaglia (IT)
* Luis Alhama (ES)
* Anna Karin Johanssn (SE)
* Stefan Rosinski & Thomas Kühn (D)
* Mora Rasmussen (US)
* Smiljana Shafarich (HR)
* Moshik Hayman (IL)
* Sae Hee Kang (UK)
* Marta Ivanova (RU)
* Mara Ploscaru ‘Marmaris’ (RO)
* Reouth Keren (IL)
* Riccardo Mazzola & Mathieu Pelletier (IT/CA)
* Kelman Duran (US)
* Jacobus Capone (AU)
* Vincent Chomaz (FR)
* Exotikdot (SE/CO)
* Akeelah Bertram (UK)


Within the frames of upcoming "MOLT! Speculative Identities" art happening ZONA DYNAMIC presents the ILAND - an art situation performed in public, private and virtual space. ( via livetream )
The ILAND shows the vulnerability and the ambivalence of human's relations and correlations between the digital and analog representation.

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ZONA DYNAMIC ANIMISO I. from Zona Dynamic on Vimeo.

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Our first event was on the 19th of October. An exhibition about the topic of ANIMISM in a historically interesting building in Kremmener Street directly by the former Berlin Wall. We invited artists from China, Russia, Mexico, USA, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Greece, Estonia and Germany to come together, exchange, work and create something new. It is very important for us to espescially give artists from countries, who are struggling with limited freedom and oppression, the opportunity to enjoy the artistic freedom in Berlin.


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Private View: 19.10.2012
Set up: 06.10.2012- 18.10.2012
Location: Kremmener Straße 8, 10435 Berlin


The exhibition approaches the concept of ANIMISM from a contemporary perspective. Animism is a body of knowledge founded upon the belief that the things around us are infused with more than mere existence. It shall make us realize that natural objects, natural phenomena, and the universe itself possesses a soul. Showing that the hills, valleys, waterways and rocks are spiritual beings, as are the plants and animals. Furthermore it believes that there are other, less obvious spiritual beings, not commonly associated with the phenomena of everyday experience.


Oscar Moreno (USA)
Mucci Tsai (China)
Mel Eden (Australien)
Joe Rogers (UK)
Alejandro Nubo (Mexico)
Celeste Byers (USA)
Evey Kwong (Malaysia)
Katerina Kachavina (Russia)
Jan Goldfuß (Germany)
Franek Zbieszczyk (Poland)
Zoe Charalambous (Greece)
Diana Bauer (Germany)
Ben Fisher (Germany)
Luciana Nanci (Brasil)
Sofia Apunnikova (Estonia)
Platon Fedorchenko (Ukraine)
Estrella Goldest (Germany)
Lucy Brydon (UK)


Eliza Goldox
Nikolai Gamasin{image 235}{image 236}
Speculative Identities

Exhibition Catalogue

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Layout: Eliza Goldox
Publisher: Self Published
Language: English
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 52
Edition: 100
Year: 2013
Price: € 15.00



Exhibition Catalogue

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Curator: Eliza Goldox & Nikolai Gamasin
Graphic & Design: Evey Kwong
Publisher: Self Published
Language: English
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 34
Edition: 50
Year: 2012
Price: € 5.00

KOMM collective

Dynamo Collective




* Rebecca Salvadori
* Yotaro Niwa
* Fellipe Vergani
* Stanley Giacomo Quaia
* Yan Gi Cheng
* Trami Nguyen
* Giorgos Gerontides
* Dimitris Ameladiotis
* Daniela Calandra
* Angela Kaisers
* You Kim
* Maxmilian Fedyk
* Wissam Khaled
* Holger Heissmeyer
* Cristina Maldonado
* Wolfgang Kick
* Natasha Marin
* Oscar Moreno
* Joe Rogers
* Alejandro Nubo
* Evey Kwong
* Katerina Kachavina
* Jan Goldfuß
* Franek Zbieszczyk
* Zoe Charalambous
* Ben Fisher
* Luciana Nanci
* Sofia Apunnikova
* Platon Fedorchenko
* Lucy Brydon
* Grace Kim
* Daniel Luchman
* Maximilian Schmötzer
* André Sicuro
* J. Casey Doyle
* Leyla Rodriguez
* Cristian Straub
* Heather HeaJung Joo
* Alex Sux
* Maja Vrban
* Aya Imamura
* Michael Branthwaite
* Luis Alhama
* Anna Karin Johanssn
* Stefan Rosinski
* Thomas Kühn
* Mora Rasmussen
* Smiljana Shafarich
* Moshik Hayman
* Sae Hee Kang
* Marta Ivanova
* Mara Ploscaru ‘Marmaris’
* Riccardo Mazzola
* Mathieu Pelletier
* Kelman Duran
* Jacobus Capone
* Vincent Chomaz
* Exotikdot
* Akeelah Bertram
* Sara Wellenkamp
* Natacha Mankowski
* Ian Deleón
* Constantin Engelmann
* Elisa Storelli
* Anna Katharina Aichroth
* Anna Julia Amaral
* Claudia Kühn
* Ran Bassi
* Cristiana Felgueiras
* Maja Renn
* Catherine Xu
* Jessica Ekomane
* Dimitra Billia
* Kyriakos Olympios
* Sophia Kementzetzidou
* Sara Zaltash
* Latefa Wiersch
* Karen Sztajnberg
* Stefan Hurtig
* Sinyo Grũen
* Lola Fernández de Sevilla Gómez
* Sarah Doerfel
* Wooguru
* Tami Harmony Panik Vibberstoft
* Rafaël Elders
* Amrei Andrasch
* Ivana Rubelj
* Yui Mikami


Berlin con mucho arte


Greenhouse Berlin


Plateau Gallery




Porto, Portugal

Dynamo project-space

Typou 5, Thessaloniki

Atelierhof Kreuzberg

on Google

Atelierhof Kreuzberg
Schleiermacherstraße 31-37
10961 Berlin


on Google

The exhibition took place in Kremmener Strasse 8 in the district of Mitte near Mauerpark. Directly located at the former inner-german border.